Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Online Degrees Math-Phobic Students May Consider

Many students just hate mathematics. They always try to avoid the numbers and suffer from a common mathematics anxiety. These students are not brainless otherwise and there are thousands of instances where math-hating students became eminent personalities and left their indelible imprints in various fields. However, a common notion is that there are not many career paths that require not mathematics. This is a wrong belief as there are hundreds of career options that do not require study of mathematics. Criminal justice, public relations, graphic designing are just some of the examples. Here below are three online degree programs recommended for you if you consider yourself a math-phobic.

Online Paralegal Studies

If you hate mathematics like anything but are an avid reader and researcher, paralegal studies online is just for you. The US Department of Labor defines paralegals as assistants to attorneys and their duties include conducting research, writing reports and excavating facts that are crucial for forming up a case. Attorneys look for knowledgeable, self-disciplined and research-minded professionals and an online or on-campus degree earned from an accredited US university may open the door to many lucrative job offers for you. However, you need to enhance your writing and researching skills.

Online Public Relations Degree/Diploma

Many online colleges in the US include public relations in the Journalism/Media Studies courses they offer. A public relation officer's job generally includes communicating with news correspondents, writing PRs and speeches etc. all that is required for making a career in the public relations field is good verbal and written communication skills and the applicants for these jobs need not possess math-solving skills. If you get enrolled in an online PR/Journalism degree or diploma course, you can develop your interpersonal communication skills and need not to study mathematics. US Department of Labor recommends earning a Bachelor degree for those who are interested to enter this field.

Graphic designing courses online

These courses are specially designed for students who have an inclination towards beaux arts. Being a designer, as you might assume, you need not to calculate and solve critical mathematical problems. Rather, your employer or clients would expect outstanding pieces of art that would serve their specific business purposes from you. These days, many colleges are offering graphic designing courses online and if you do not have enough time to pursue your course from a brick-and-mortar school, you can consider these options. As a professional in this field, you need to create layouts, graphics, logos and illustrations and can secure a job in an advertising agency or in a TV media company.

There are actually so many skills and expertise areas aside from mathematical analytical and reasoning skills that are in demand across various sectors. So even if you were not good at mathematics and generally break out in a cold sweat at the thought of solving complex mathematical problems, your career is not doomed. You still have a lot of options in your hand and if you wisely choose your career path, you can also shine in your later life.