Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why Should I Create a Memorial Site?

Many people believe in afterlife. Most frequently, afterlife is described as a beautiful land of color, light and music. Nowadays, because the continuous surge of information and technology into our lives create a new opportunity to embrace the idea of existence beyond life - digital afterlife. Digital afterlife is only one aspect of life after death. Facebook pages of deceased individuals are a proof of this assertion. Thus, giving Internet users an opportunity to enhance the well-being of their deceased friend or relative in his or her digital afterlife would encourage them to participate in the act of remembrance and honor their beliefs.

The dynamics and intensity of social life online implies that many people distinguish between their offline and online selves. Many people know each other only through the Internet by means of either social networks or blogs. In case their online-only acquaintances die, people would need an opportunity to express their grief and acknowledge how important the deceased individual was for them regardless of their online or offline communication. A warm virtual gift or an online candle that is lit together with sharing photographs or videos would give them an opportunity to express their grief for someone they did not personally know.

While there may be an enormous demand for an opportunity to honor the deceased individual online, the existing means to do so are limited to memorial Facebook pages (a page that is turned into a memorial is locked for everyone, and only friends can see updates or posts) or blog posts. Nevertheless, many people may be willing to share their compassion or express their feelings through more traditional means, such as lighting candles. These people may need to go a long distance to the grave of their beloved one, or it may even be the case that they do not have an opportunity to do so. iCandle would grant them an opportunity to express their spirituality, their grief and their feelings about the loss of their dear relative or friend without having to travel. Furthermore, the gift they give or a candle they light would be visible to other friends and the family of the individual who passed away.

The flow of information is constant, and we always know what our friend would like to see or read. However, when this friend passes away and we happen to run into that particular video he or she would enjoy so much, we would need a place to send it. Although he or she would not have an opportunity to watch that video, once we post it online together with a candle that we light for him or her, we would be soothed and consoled by knowing that a friend of ours still lives in our memory.