Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is It For You or Not?

SAP is without doubt one of the most profitable business application software available on the market today. Not only is the salary high (see the SAP salary section), nevertheless it's an incredible profession for everybody, whether you are more business oriented or tech savvy.

Personally, I'm a functional consultant, and enjoy being able to work with firms in varied industries. Some of the industries I have worked with include aviation, consumer electronics, beverage manufacturing, and many more. There are very few profession paths on the market that provide the opportunity to learn all the intricacies of a business. You will work with key players and decision-makers, and due to this, you will develop very quickly (though it may be stressful at occasions).

Now the principle query right here is this: how do you get into SAP? Here are some ideas for you:

• Join an organization that runs SAP. Because there is a limited need for consultants as of late, not all individuals can begin on this position. However, many companies on the market run in SAP, and most of them have an internal SAP department. You can begin by applying for a position in the IT division, and presumably after a couple of months or years, you will get into the SAP department. Or, you can start out as an end user to obtain more knowledge and expertise utilizing SAP. By the time you apply for a SAP-oriented position, the company shall be more than prepared to welcome you into their firm because you already have the experience and information concerning how the software works.

• Decide which skills you're good at and focus on these areas. In order to play your strengths, it's a must to know them. Look at your resume and determine how your expertise will be utilized in the SAP domain. Take this for example: if you previously worked in a production plant, you can get into the PP module. If you have worked in a Human Resources division, you may get into HCM.

• Know what you want and what you might be getting into. Most individuals wish to work with SAP because of the potential excessive salaries. While that is additionally vital, getting into SAP won't make you very rich at a short span of time. You're going to need to put in the hours and time to learn. This is a career, and identical to some other career, it is going to be vital to understand it before diving in. You might have to take certifications and courses to learn SAP, and they can be expensive, however luckily, there are a couple of dependable resources you may turn to help you learn SAP online.

If you have just begun studying SAP, refer to the basics section to determine which matters you'd like to learn more. If you have some end-user experience, review the training sections to get an even better idea of what to anticipate as a SAP analyst or consultant.